The New Retail is a challenge and it’s of interest to you if you are an FMCG producer

You have a retail execution and auditing process implemented by your sales and merch teams

You track your brand’s availability and visibility

You check out-of-stocks You track your share of shelf

You track whether your promotion targets are properly enforced at the outlets

You rank the stores where your brand is available

And in the mean time you also keep an eye on what your competitors are doing

Your teams are trying hard to maintain the targets and deliver regular reports

You spend a lot of time to make sense out of these reports in order to turn them into actionable insights

But… there is a but. Your competitors do all these as well

Then, how will you make a difference?

Are these reports detailed and frequent?

How long does it take to collect the data in the store?

Are these reports adequate to get an edge over your competitors?

Most importantly, the data you get: Are they objective and reliable? Do you think they are sufficient to get really actionable insights?

The New Retail is about making a difference for better retail execution and auditing. Now it’s possible thanks to visual recognition the core of the Vispera Technology.


Reduce the job in the store to Picture-taking
Reduce store visit time
Increase daily visits


Over 99% accuracy At all times and
stores No human-erros, no


SKU counts – Shelf share – Planogram compliance
Per brand / category / segment / competitor / store
Store scoring – Team tracking and scoring


Customizable KPI filters and warnings
Instant device alerts to sales representatives
Instant e-mail alerts to supervisors and managers