1Share of Shelf

Your target is to enforce at least 60% facing visibility for your brands in all stores at all times

What Vispera Tech makes possible

Vispera Tech produces perfectly accurate, detailed SKU count reports for all SKUs in a particular category at each store visit. The SKU count data can easily be consolidated into designated brand, segment, package, size groups and compared to the total SKU count. This is the only practical* and reliable way to see if a specific target is enforced on a visit-to-visit basis.

(*) A 1000+ SKU category can be captured in 5 mins, detailed report delivered within the hour. It would take hours to get the same metric by human inspection at this level of detail and accuracy.

2Speed to Shelf

Your target is get your newly launched product to be placed on the shelves as soon as possible

What Vispera Tech makes possible

Vispera Tech detects new products on the shelf as they appear in the store. Powered with this feature, the company can track the speed-to-shelf of the new product per each store monitored by its agents.

Action: If the appearance of a new product is delayed in a particular store, the situation is detected and instanlty reported to supervisors and managers via e-mail.

3Shelf Space

Your target is to make sure that you get the shelf space and/or promotional display space you’re agreed to

What Vispera Tech makes possible

Vispera Tech automatically extracts actual occupied shelf space, which can be compared with the negotiated shelf space. Likewise, Vispera Tech can also be used to check the situation with promotional displays.

Action: You can claim your display space upon your agreement, picture-based evidence is provided to support the findings.

4Display Position

Your target is to make sure your new product is displayed on the eye-level of an average-height customer. Your merchandise team is instructed to place the new product at the appropriate shelf and you want to know if the instruction is successfully executed

What Vispera Tech makes possible

Vispera Tech carries out planogram analysis so that each product is detected and localized with shelf positions.

Such features along with product family (e.g., flavour) and vertical/horizontal adjacencies are used to track in-store marketing actions.

5Sales Correlation

You want to understand why your company is losing sales on one of its products and ask if there is something going wrong with the merchandising operation.

What Vispera Tech makes possible

Losing sales might result from several factors, Out-of-Stock on shelf being one of the most influential ones. The product is actually in the store depot but not displayed on the shelf for some reason. Vispera Tech automatically detects Out-of-Stock for each SKU at each store visited.

Action: The Out-of-Stock situation is instanlty reported to supervisors and managers via e-mail, corrective action is taken.

6Competitor’s Moves

Your target is to get informed about the new product launches of your competitors as soon as they appear in the stores

What Vispera Tech makes possible

Once the project is rolled-out for a given product category, Vispera Tech detects new products including new package designs, new promotions, new marketing actions by competitors as they appear in the store.

Action: Counter promotions can be launched to make your products more appealing against newly launched products.

7Store Ranking

Your target is to rank the stores where your products are available

What Vispera Tech makes possible

Vispera Tech delivers several objective metrics needed to score a store based on product availability and Out-of-Stock statistics, share of shelf, planogram compliance and proper execution of promotion assets.

Action: Your company knows in which stores its products are better presented and its operations are properly executed. This gives an important edge to the company when speaking with the store owners during negotiations. Picture-based evidence is provided to support the findings.

8Team Tracking

Your target is to increase the productivity of your field teams and establish a self-control mechanism

What Vispera Tech makes possible

Vispera Tech can provide custom KPIs to the mobile device while the agent is still in the store, including availability and Out-of-Stock on key SKUs.

Vispera Shark – our mobile app – integrates all execution and auditing tasks in one single app with built-in validation and error-checking. This not only increases productivity but also puts a self-control mechanism in action as the execution tasks are visually documented and time-stamped.

9 Spot On Actionable Insights

Your target is to collect internal (invoice-based) KPIs and external (from store visits) KPIs into the company database. Much of the information necessary for corrective actions is there but it cannot be effectively used because no one has the time to go through the “Big Data”.

What Vispera Tech makes possible

Our « One Data Source -> Many KPIs » approach makes it possible to set several customizable filters, detect issues and send instant alerts. Supervisors and managers do not need to sift through the corporate database to understand when to take which action.

Instead, they receive automated insight e-mails on Out-of-Stock, delayed product appearance on shelf, new competitor product alerts and many more which can be customized to their needs.