Vispera - Image Recognition Solutions for Retail


One of Turkey's largest food retailers has revised its entire product portfolio and rearranged its planograms in the context of a category restructuring project. However, they complained that the in-store applications of the planograms did not reach the desired compliance level.

No matter how much the shop staff was warned, the layout of the shelf was not made correctly. Products were always missing, gaps were filled with other products, or products were incorrectly placed on the shelf.

After the client contacted us, we proposed to launch a pilot project for planogram compliance monitoring. The pilot was carried out in the pasta category for 3 months in 5 stores with the goal of reaching the targeted planogram compliance rate.


  • Every store replenished their shelves on the day they received the goods 2 times a week and captured shelf images with our mobile application Vispera Shark.

  • The reports from the images were shared with the store managers to show their mistakes instantly.

  • Store managers fixed their mistakes right away.


Thanks to the effective use of Vispera Image Recognition Technology and Ocean Reporting Module during the pilot project, the planned targets were reached within 3 months were reached within 3 weeks. 

With its easy-to-use, fast and accurate reporting features, Vispera Image Recognition Service is easily accepted and widely used by our customer.



Our client said,
“Thanks to the accurate measurements
made with Vispera,
stores have reached their targets
much earlier than the specified date.”



Average Planogram Compliance Score of 5 stores was 61%.
In 3 weeks Planogram Compliance Score raised to 91%.

65 Store Visits Performed
520 Pictures Processed
15000+ Items Counted