Vispera - Image Recognition Solutions for Retail

Vispera Hotzone Service

Unstructured Display Areas

Vispera Hotzone Service operates on unstructured display areas found in cashier zones in both modern and traditional trade. By means of a few pictures taken by a mobile device capturing the whole zone, VSS delivers the following data and KPIs:
  • Must-have SKU availability
  • Stock availability KPIs with respect to multiple reference lists
  • Promotional and branding material visibility, compliance and equipment conditions KPIs
  • Pricing material availability and readings, and related KPIs

Can Be Used As

  • Productivity Tool
  • Auditing Tool
  • Perfect Store Solution Support

Mobile and Web Reports

Available within minutes or 24 hours after data submission depending on the use case

Accuracy Options

From at least 93% to +99% are available