Hosted by our CCO Gökhan Arıksoy, the re:retail YouTube series welcomes CEOs and top executives from various companies and focuses on latest retail technologies and trends.

We left 12 episodes behind in re:retail. We hosted 12 CEOs in these 12 weeks. We talked with our guests about the trends in food, e-commerce, technology, fast moving consumption, retail supply chain, inventory management, artificial intelligence, machine vision, remote work, and digital transformation. You can subscribe to Vispera YouTube channel and turn on the notifications to access all the episodes hosted by Vispera CCO Gökhan Arıksoy and get notified on the new episodes instantly.

In the seventh episode of the re:retail program, where we evaluate the transformation in the fast-moving consumer and retail industry, we discussed the contributions of technology in food production and planning distribution with Tat Gıda General Manager Arzu Aslan Kesimer!

With Tat Gıda General Manager Arzu Aslan Kesimer, we evaluate the contributions of technology in the planning of food production and distribution.

  • How have consumers’ food consumption habits changed in the pandemic?
  • How did food brands use technology to provide better service before and after COVID-19?
  • Why is the use of technology in "Smart Agriculture" important?

Arzu Aslan Kesimer: “If companies do not utilize engineering, systems and automation in tandem with consumer demand, they cannot well plan to maintain the changing balance of production.”