Vispera offers image recognition-based retail execution and tracking services to grocery retailers so that they can monitor their shelves and manage inventories in real-time.

Vispera Shelfsight is a retail monitoring system that uses shelf-facing cameras and addresses out-of-stock events that directly translate to the loss of sales opportunities and negative shopper experiences. Shelfsight detects and recognizes products on shelves down to SKU-level, read price tags, measure instant KPIs like misplaced items, planogram compliance, and more.


Vispera develops breakthrough computer vision technologies to lead the digital transformation of the retail industry. Together with Cisco HyperFlex with Intel Xeon CPUs providing the compute power, Vispera offers the best possible retail execution solution: Shelfsight.


  • Prevent out-of-stock events: Through real-time monitoring, reduce the likelihood of losing out on sales opportunities with live alerts when a product is out-of-stock
  • Increase ROI: Improve ROI by using focused insights to identify where sales and profits are realized within day-to-day operations
  • Optimize space planning: Increase downstream visibility with actionable, real-time shelf data and views like Realogram, Planogram, HeatMap, and more

See how Vispera is using image recognition technology for its shelf monitoring and inventory management solution, Shelfsight. Cisco HyperFlex with Intel Xeon Scalable Processors provides the compute power needed to perform inferencing at multiple retail locations.