New generation technologies that make our lives easier and shape the future meet the audience in Tekno Hayat Program moderated by Ahmet Can. Vispera Co-Founder and Co-CEO Ceyhun Burak Akgül was the guest of Tekno Hayat, the program that explores groundbreaking technologies.


Ceyhun Burak Akgül talked about the application areas of deep learning and image recognition technologies in retail. Akgül, who conveyed the story of Vispera's founding process to the audience, also talked about Vispera's future goals. Currently, Vispera, which actively delivers its services to 23 countries and works with more than 30 top-tier CPG firms and retailers, is taking firm steps towards becoming a global company.


If the product is not on the shelf, it cannot be sold

Based on how the data is collected, Vispera offers intelligent solutions for both CPG companies and retailers to track in-store operations and KPIs better. Images collected from physical stores via mobile application or fixed camera are processed via Vispera's image recognition technologies and converted into business metrics of CPG companies & retailers. The KPI scores of companies such as availability scores, planogram compliance, price tag compliance, and share of shelf are automatically calculated with accurate data and presented on the reporting platform as actionable insights.


The future of food retail will be the always-watched shelves


Vispera lets you turn everyday shelf images into actionable insights by providing unbiased data by getting power from artificial intelligence and machine learning. Vispera’s high-tech retail intelligence products surpass the needs of grocery retail and optimize the whole in-store execution processes, all the way from data collection to reporting and advanced analytics.


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