Embedded Vision Summit is a conference for innovators adding computer vision and visual AI to products. Since 2012, the Embedded Vision Summit has been the premier conference and expo devoted to practical, deployable computer vision and visual AI. The Summit is organized by the Edge AI and Vision Alliance, an industry partnership operated by BDTI.


Vispera's CTO Erdem Yoruk has attended the Embedded Vision Summit on May 27 and gave a speech about shrinking time to market and reducing costs for retail with Vispera's visual AI solutions by partnering with Intel. Mr. Yoruk talked about Vispera's developments on breakthrough computer vision technologies to lead the digital transformation of the retail industry. Mr. Yoruk also gave insight into Vispera's retail execution solution Shelfsight, an in-store fixed camera IoT solution for shelf monitoring and inventory management, and the potential sales uplift Shelfsight can create for retailers.


Vispera Shelfsight is a retail monitoring system that uses shelf-facing cameras and addresses out-of-shelf events that directly translate to the loss of sales opportunities and negative shopper experiences. Shelfsight detects and recognizes products on shelves down to SKU-level, read price tags, measure instant KPIs like misplaced items, planogram compliance, and more.

Watch the recording of the speech to discover;

  • Shrinking time to market
  • Reducing costs for retail with Vispera's visual AI solutions
  • Potential increase in sales uplift that Shelfsight can create
  • Vispera's partnership with Intel


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