Real-time shelf monitoring and management system

Vispera Shelfsight can analyze retail shelves for out-of-stock detection, planogram compliance and empty space detection using state-of-the-art deep learning technology developed by Vispera.
The system is capable of detecting and recognizing individual products to produce highly accurate shelf measurements in real-time utilizing IoT cameras mounted on the aisles.
We are now accepting pilot requests.

Digitalization of Physical Retail

With Vispera Shelfsight, retailers can now have access to the digitized view of the store in real-time. In today’s competitive environment, Shelfsight is a powerful solution for retailers, giving an edge on operational excellence by enabling immediate to-the-point store actions.

Flexible Analytics and Reporting

Vispera Shelfsight provides highly customizable in-store and cloud reporting tools, which enable real-time store monitoring capabilities for different levels of execution.

Scheduled Shelf Measurement Collection

Time triggered automatic measurements can be configured in the desired frequency, which enables historical data accumulation of shelf metrics for detailed predictive analytics.

Real-time inspection and historical trend analysis

The collected shelf measurement data is accessible to the users for both real-time inspection and historical trend analysis.

On-demand Shelf Evaluation

Using live measurement API, the measurements can be obtained in live mode by the store staff for immediate measurement and action.

Key Performance Metrics

Out-of-Stock SKUs

List of SKUs that are present in the planogram but missing from the shelf.

Realogram View

The realogram highlights excess and misplaced items on a digitized version of the shelf scene, thus enabling quick correction of product placement errors.

Planogram View

The planogram highlights the missing items with respect to the ideal product placement of the shelf scene, thus enabling quick replenishment of missing products.

Planogram Compliance

Performance metric related to the number of correctly placed, misplaced or missing items indicating the deviation of the shelf from ideal product placement.

Product Shelf Share

Percentage of brands displayed in the shelf, calculated from occupied shelf space.

Product Facing Share

Percentage of brands displayed in the shelf, calculated from facing counts.

Empty Space Detection

Alert mechanism that spots empty spaces on shelves for full utilization of shelf space.

Price Tag Compliance

Prices read from price tags detected on the scene and assigned to closest recognized SKUs.

Facing Score

Performance metric indicating the shelf utilization level compared to the ideal product placement.

Fast and Easy Setup

Thanks to the state-of-the-art recognition technologies developed by Vispera, Shelfsight can be up and running within one week following the camera installment. After the product database with only single representative image for each product is introduced to the system, Shelfsight can be trained within days to start its operation with highly accurate results.
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