Real time shelf monitoring and management system to execute perfect stores around the world.

Track in-store KPIs in real time
Get timely and accurate SKU-level data to track in-store KPIs by transforming everyday physical shelf images into meaningful insights.
Fill the gap between field and back office.
Access to the digitalized view of the store in real time and guide the back office with insights.
Resolve out-of-shelf events
Analyze retail shelves in real time and optimize the replenishment process that directly affects the sales opportunities.
Achieve execution excellence in store operations
Enable the field team with immediate to-the-point store actions and improve shopper conversion.
Make Better Strategic Decisions
Improve sales performance, reduce operational costs, and motivate your field force with data-driven approaches to machine learning

Shelfsight Ensures Full Coverage and Tracks All Types of Key Performance Metrics

Bridge field and back-office operational processes, use shelf data to develop retail plans, and win at the shelf with Vispera Shelfsight.
With the best possible on-shelf inventory management system, retailers will deeply understand the critical efficiencies on which to focus for increasing sales. Retailers blend statistical and visualized modeling with shopper behavior to enhance customers' in-store experiences by consistently optimizing the store.
Intel and Vispera Shelfsight: Effective On-Shelf Inventory Management for Grocers

Why Vispera Shelfsight?

Prevent costly
out-of-stock situations
Reduce the risk of missing out on sales opportunities with real-time notifications of out-of-stock conditions at the SKU-level
Increase ROI
Actionable insights to determine where revenues and profits are realized in day-to-day operations to boost ROI
Deliver best possible
shopping experience
Create the best possible shopping experience through deep analytics of and rapid reaction to all in-store conditions

Track Standard and Customizable KPIs via One Single Platform

Shelfsight enables tracking of in-store execution KPIs
Product Availability and Visibility
See out-of-shelf SKUs and measure on-shelf availability

Optimize Retail Execution Process in 4 Steps

Digitize In-Store
Data Collection
Vispera Shelfsight works through a hybrid of on-premises and cloud systems. Visual shelf data is captured at the desired frequency by image acquisition units that support shelf-facing fixed cameras. The historical accumulation of shelf metrics is enhanced and utilized for further predictive analytics.
Process The Big Data
Take Corrective Actions On Shelf
Analyze and Report


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