Competitive Intelligence

Vispera’s Competitive Intelligence Solution lets retailers and CPGs deliver the best possible shopping experience by maximizing store productivity.


Meet the ultimate competitive intelligence solution, that’s powered by real-time visual data analysis. Our end-to-end in-store execution platform joins the power of visual intelligence with retail monitoring to be analyzed and get actionable insights in one platform.

With Vispera’s competitive intelligence solution, CPG and retailers can gather information from the market and data-based competitor insights through executive reports.

Why Grocery Retail Should Use Competitive Intelligence Solution

Uncover market and category trends
Monitor your shelf share and pricing against competitors
Ensure penetration and distribution of NPD to boost sales

Vispera Competitive Intelligence Solution


What Competitive Intelligence Solution Does

Vispera converts the data collected from the shelves into actionable insights, thus sales opportunities. With the competitive intelligence solution, CPG brands could get complete and advanced insights about the competition and the trends so that they can respond and adapt to the changing environment quickly.

Competitor Shelf Space

CPGs should keep an eye in the store on competitor products to go beyond getting compliance right in the store. You can get competitive insights about the leader of the ongoing market share in your category, together with the shelf share data that reveals who is successful in the competition.

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NPD Launches

Vispera 's AI-powered solutions enable CPGs to get comprehensive competitive intelligence analytics and optimized promotional plans across all channels and single products top down. With data on sales and facings for each product, you can identify the least preferred products on the shelf and detect the most valuable areas for NPD launches.

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Product Price Indexing

Thanks to the competitive insights that Vispera offers for the whole category, it is possible to adjust your own prices according to the shelf's information. By gathering unbiased data regarding competitors and your brand flowing from the shelves into a hub, we consider the pricing indexing KPI for the entire category on different channels.

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