Vispera Image Recognition Services are built around the most performant and sophisticated image recognition technologies with a focus on solving the problems of the retail market

At the core of our services are proprietary image recognition engines, which are powered by our retail domain knowledge and deep learning. Our services establish a full-stack solution that can meet and surpass the needs of our FMCG supplier and retailer clients, all the way from image and data collection to reporting, visualizing, aggregating rich sets of retail execution KPIs, and enabling advanced analytics on this Big Data.

Computer Vision and Image Recognition

Vispera Recognition Engines are based on state-of-the-art Convolutional Neural Networks and Recurrent Neural Networks

Superiority in recognition accuracy, repeatability and capability of handling diverse use cases

Our engines are specifically tailored for retail scenes, for packaged products and their taxonomy, whereas off-the-shelf image recognition frameworks and APIs lack any domain specific adaptation. This makes our Image Recognition (IR) technology superior to its counterparts in terms of accuracy, repeatability and ability of handling diverse use cases.

Record low image rejection rate

Vispera Recognition Engines are reinforced by the most sophisticated panorama reconstruction and image segmentation algorithms for retail scene parsing, which makes our image rejection rates record-low, well below 1% over all submitted images.

High tolerance to adverse picture taking conditions

Vispera Recognition Engines have high tolerance to adverse picture-taking conditions such as non-frontal views of shelves taken in narrow aisles or pictures with severe glass reflections from coolers with doors closed.


Fast and easy deployment with few sample images for training

Vispera Recognition Engines support SKU level and brand level product recognition on a sheer amount of categories and package types. Thanks to their learning capabilities under small sample sizes, our engines can be swiftly trained and made ready for deployment. For training our engines, we do not require high resolution shots taken at ideal studio environment, just a single photo for each SKU and a handful of retail scene images depicting the target products are sufficient for deploying our visual models.

High accuracy from the start

The baseline performance of Vispera Recognition Engines starts from 93% accuracy for SKU level product recognition, and exceeds above 96% depending on the product category as more training data accumulates for continued machine learning. Engines are further powered by our proprietary confidence-enabled human-in-the-loop system, which enables us to efficiently deliver above 99% SKU level recognition accuracy. This makes us the only IR solution provider in the retail domain, who can commit to near-perfect performance levels.


Reporting & Analytics

Visualise your data for quick, actionable insights

  • Data drilldown powered by ElasticSearch, supporting complex queries with super fast query times
  • Highly customizable tagging architecture for clients master data requirements
  • Value added KPIs from raw data through flexible KPI engine
  • The most flexible planogram compliance checking solution in the market: Reference based and rule based controls
  • Planogram and Realogram inspector
  • Visualization of data supported by Highcharts
  • Easy integration with client systems and 3rd party analytics and prediction services through REST API

Data Collection

Rich data collection features via mobile application



  • Highly flexible, customizable data collection tools
  • Mobile app: Android OS & iOS
  • Versatile in-store image and data collection process, highly customizable to diverse retail execution and auditing projects
  • Hybrid system for flexible data collection, supports manual input when constrained scenes or permission issues interfere with photoshoot
  • Online data synchronization, transparent data upload and offline working capability


  • Typical shelf complete under 10 seconds with successive photoshoot feature
  • Fast navigation
  • Fast photoshoot
  • Instant image quality feedback


  • Intuitive UI and navigation for correct data collection
  • Picture grouping into custom display types
  • Guided photoshoot
  • Reduced human errors with built-in checks
  • On-device panorama reconstruction
  • Augmented Reality features *

Security & Fraud Detection

  • User authentication
  • Geo-fencing
  • Date and time logs

Data Integration

Connect your data sources to Vispera

  • Android and IOS app integration via Intent technology
  • REST API supporting data from external sources, mobile and fixed cameras, robot cameras, depth cameras


Scalable and adaptable solutions

  • Hybrid cloud solutions backed by AWS and private recognition servers in our premises
  • AWS scaling by Elastic Beanstalk
  • Secure multi-tenant and dedicated private instance options
  • GPU and FPGA based inference
  • On site infrastructure solutions thanks to our partnership with Intel©
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