Shelf Price Tracking

Understand and ensure compatibility of your pricing to remain competitive and grow margin.


Why Grocery Retail Should Use Shelf Price Tracking Solution

Drive top line growth
Be aware of the market trends to keep up with the race
Access pricing of thousands of SKUs and stores with one click

Vispera Shelf Price Tracking Solution


What Shelf Price Tracking Solution Does

With the shelf price tracking solution, retail industry could easily ensure every price is perfectly placed and see how competition is going in the category. Considering the stores with thousands of SKUs, it is impossible for store clerks to spot every compliance error. That's why Vispera develops the shelf price tracking solution to ease the grocery retail players' lives by being the digital eyes of them.

Pricing Trend

Vispera helps CPG suppliers boost price positioning by automatically analyzing competitors' price changes and yours. Vispera delivers prices instantly to improve profits whenever market prices change and reveal the current trend.

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Product Price Indexing

Understand pricing differences among different retailers, and reveal the pricing index appeals to shoppers in line with your strategy. Vispera engines recognize the price tags and adjust them based on competitors to make you specify the pricing rules easily. It is feasible to modify your own prices according to the information obtained from the shelf.

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Competitor Price

Monitor and audit the prices of whichever competitor you want to get an instant picture of their activities on the shelves with strategic competitor analysis. Vispera Shelf Price Tracking solution gathers everything happening on the shelf, including competitor product prices, and visualizes them on the dashboard.

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Pricing Tag Compliance

Vispera image recognition technology can read prices from price tags detected on the scene, assign them to the closest recognized products, and provide an accurate compliance KPI. With Vispera's visual intelligence solutions, there will not be such a problem for grocery retail as losing out on customers for misleading price tags.

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Actual vs. List Price

See the bottleneck between your actualized shelf price and set listing price; take quick action to fix the discrepancy by enabling price positioning reports. Given the circumstances and applied Vispera solutions, no wonder there will not be an incompatibility in the real situation of price tags on the retail shelves.

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Price Changes Tracking

Vispera's tailored dashboard delivers a complete view of price activity across all channels and multiple brands. It is possible to see the instant moves and changes in prices between separate brands. Vispera offers a comprehensive hub with automatically acquired pricing data.

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