Space Planning & Category Management

Meet the ultimate retail space planning software. Vispera makes it super-easy to improve space planning and category management with functional, on-the-spot shelf data.


With retail category management capabilities, Vispera consolidates and analyzes every product and their corresponding information in one location. The retail space solutions and category management features provide real-time visibility and insights, helping grocery retailers make informed decisions on pricing, merchandising, and replenishment.

With Vispera’s advanced visual intelligence, powered by AI, retailers can save time and money by getting the right inventory to the right place at the right time in the store. Vispera’s retail space planning tools optimize your store`s layout, manage your products & categories, and provide reports on traffic to help you make key decisions for your business.

Why Grocery Retail Should Use Space Planning & Category Management Solution

Pioneer the category with valuable spaces
Track category planogram evolution to stay competitive
Streamline planogram execution and optimization

Vispera Space Planning & Category Management Solution


What Space Planning & Category Management Solution Does

With the space planning & category management solution, CPG brands and retailers can easily interpret in-store conditions for store floor planning and category management so that they can gain maximum efficiency from every SKU presented. The insights provided on the spot will improve the overall category; thus grocery retail industry players will achieve their perfect store targets.

Share of Visible Inventory

Vispera's visual intelligence solutions discover category opportunities and present optimized shelf and display strategies. Vispera ensures the visibility of assets that shoppers interact with and reveals the inventory presentation across every channel while recognizing every single product, displays, and pricing that yields top shopper attractiveness.

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Planogram Compliance

Vispera measures compliance by comparing planograms with realograms as the shelf's actual state acquired with everyday shelf images. Managers can view the data extracted from images taken from the shelves on the executive dashboard and measure the compliance by scoring planograms based on such factors, including assortments and visual assets.

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Valuable Space Planning

Vispera helps suppliers to determine suitable spaces to build performant categories. Vispera blends shelf data and business insights to recognize valuable focus areas, investigate stores to find where shoppers interact most, make changes between categories, and rebuild them to anticipate higher margins.

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Planogram Optimization

Visualizing the effects of real-time changes on the shelf share to sales is the first step of planogram optimization. With Vipera image recognition solutions, monitor the field execution through shelf reality. By monitoring the shelves in real-time and combining them with sales data, we facilitate the planogram optimization process in the most dynamic way possible.

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Planogram Automation

If you do not have a planogram right at the point, Vispera captures the shelf images and turns them into planograms, resulting in shorter time spending for HQ to build planograms and more time making strategic decisions. Vispera's planogram automation solution forms specialized planograms delivered from the management team to the field team in real-time.

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