Enable your field team to cover any display equipment type at any store format in minutes with Vispera’s fast and intuitive data collection application to execute perfect stores.

Track in-store KPIs in real time
Get timely and accurate SKU-level data to track in-store KPIs by transforming everyday physical shelf images into meaningful insights.
Fill the gap between field and back office.
Ensure seamless knowledge flow between field and back office.
Reach Superiority in Retail Execution and Auditing
Recognize the most valuable focus areas by blending profound business insights and observational knowledge
Optimize Perfect Store Performance
Adapt to changing trends in a competitive environment to offer the best shopper experience imaginable
Make Better Strategic Decision
Improve sales performance, reduce operational costs, and motivate your field force with data-driven approaches to machine learning

Why Vispera Storesense?

Productivity boost
Boost productivity for field teams through instant mobile reports received on the spot
Tracked KPI’s
Obtain deep insights into store conditions and measure customized in-store KPIs from a single image
Sales Uplift
Execute perfect stores to enhance the shopper experience and maximize sales with timely actions

Storesense is Compatible with All Types of Display Equipment

Reach all retail channels and cover all types of display equipment with flexible data collection tools

Track Standard and Customizable KPIs via One Single Platform

Storesense enables tracking of in-store execution KPIs
Product Availability and Visibility
See out-of-shelf SKUs and measure on-shelf availability

Optimize Retail Execution Process in 4 Steps

Digitize In-Store <br> Data Collection

Improve the in-store data collection process, digitalize store checks, and fulfill sales potential across all channels with Vispera Storesense!

The field team visits stores at the desired frequency, takes shelf images via the intuitive Vispera Shark app to collect rich data faster and easier in various retail execution and audit operations.

Process The Big Data
Take Corrective Actions On Shelf
Analyze and Report

Trusted by the Leading CPG Suppliers Worldwide

Real Life Use Cases

Vispera helped Mercury 360 to increase must have availability by 20% in tobacco category
Reckitt Benckiser Doubles the Number of Vision Pharmacies Using Vispera
Vispera helped RT Intelligence to increase sales by 12.65% with a rapid expansion

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