Digital In-store Execution Monitoring

Monitor in-store execution by quantifying merchandising efforts, measuring the compliance of selling prices, auditing the selling floor, and leveraging perfect stores.


Create an immersive shopping experience for customers with digital in-store execution. Thanks to Vispera’s end-to-end approach, in-store execution can be done in various ways and it’s up to the retailer & CPGs to choose what they want to use: creating digital shelves and planograms, all with the power of visual intelligence and AI.

Vispera’s digital in-store execution tool optimizes product displays for maximum impact by automatically adjusting to changing retail environments. From monitoring inventory levels to executing retail audits and even giving you valuable insight to forecast sales, Vispera provides you with complete control over SKUs. In the end, it is the ultimate tool to execute perfect stores.

Why Grocery Retail Should Use Digital In-store Execution Monitoring Solution

Digitize store audits
Track asset and store performance in real-time
Base your decisions on objective and unbiased data

Vispera Digital In-store Execution Monitoring Solution


In-Store Execution, Powered by Visual Intelligence

Thanks to the approach that combines image recognition-based mobile solutions with machine learning, you can obtain real-time, objective, and accurate data with one single shelf image. Moreover, you can direct field teams in the store with on-the-spot call-to-actions and instant reports. On the management side, you can keep track of all your products with advanced filtering to make faster decisions. After all, you can maximize the customer experience while executing the perfect store.

What Digital In-store Execution Monitoring Solution Does

With digital in-store execution monitoring, CPG brands can gain full control over their SKUs and all kinds of displays. The solution gives CPG suppliers full control, whether it’s monitoring inventory levels, executing retail audits and forecasting sales, or driving engagement with customers in-store. Vispera's image recognition for merchandising platform provides brands with real-time product insights that improve product discovery, engagement, and sales.

Retail Execution Monitoring & Auditing

Access real-time shelf-level insights by integrating Vispera technologies into your monitoring and auditing processes. Enjoy the flexibility of data collection in the field free from human error.

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Quantify Merchandising

Use Vispera image recognition technology to capture granular data across all your channels and regions. Position this groundbreaking technology as your digital eyes in physical stores to better track key SKUs and competitor activities.

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Improve Perfect Store Execution

With Vispera, you can measure your success criteria, i.e., KPIs such as availability, visibility, compliance, that you have set to product your brand correctly and offer your shoppers the best possible experience while creating scorecards for each point of sale.

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