Operating worldwide with active projects in more than 35 countries, Turkish technology company Vispera partners up with leading technology companies such as Microsoft, Intel, and HP to increase its outreach further.

Latest of these partnerships have been formalized with Microsoft. Both Storesense, a mobile solution, and Shelfsight, a fixed camera solution, can now be accessed from Microsoft Azure Marketplace platform as part of Vispera's strategic partnership with Microsoft. FMCG suppliers and retailers searching for effective retail execution enforcement solutions will have access to the solutions offered by Vispera through this marketplace. In addition, Vispera solutions, are now part of Microsoft IP Co-Sell program.

Vispera Global Strategic Alliances and Global Accounts Director, Beni Melamet is in charge of Vispera's global collaborations. Beni Melamet has more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry, focusing on managing relationships with global customers as well as global strategic collaborations in order to create common business strategies in targeted markets.

Asked about the importance of global partnerships, Beni Melamet commented:

“In today's business world, competition is becoming more and more challenging every day and business partnerships have become a must for companies to be more effective and efficient. At this point, business partnerships have started to make no sense unless an additional added value is created for the service to be offered to the end customer today. We always take this reality into account in our partnerships. Therefore, with the business partnership model we developed in Vispera, we build joint strategies with our business partners in the global market, and together we take business models one step further.

In 2023, we aim to further expand our global partner network by taking the right steps. We plan to increase joint marketing activities with our existing strategic business partners and grow together with them by developing new projects and participating in global events. Of course, what we will do in 2023 will not be limited to these activities. In addition to our strong strategic technology partnerships, we will accelerate the processes we started with global consultancy firms in 2022 and establish strong ties with renowned companies around the world such as Accenture, Capgemini, Deloitte, DXC, Adecco, Ipsos and Premise. In this way, we will carry Vispera solutions to every region we operate and we will make our brand globally recognized and preferred.”

Together with our partners, we help CPG companies and retailers across the globe to drive growth and increase revenue with the power of AI! Redefine your retail experience by learning more about our partnership approach and connecting with us.

About Vispera:

Vispera is a technology company established for perfecting in-store application, monitoring and control processes in the retail industry. Thanks to the image processing/machine learning technology the company has developed, Vispera offers retail application and inspection solutions that are much faster, reliable and cost-effective than traditional human-based and error-prone methods currently used in the industry.

Vispera is founded by Prof. Dr. Aytül Erçil and Dr. Ceyhun Burak Akgül in 2014 with 100% Turkish capital. Thanks to the Vispera Image Recognition Service, the company recognizes the products on the shelf with their positions and quantities, based on the shelf photos taken in the store. Through this, the company produces detailed and actionable reports at SKU level by checking product availability on the shelf, number of faceplates, shelf share compared to competitors, and planogram compatibility. The service in question recognizes every product that the human eye can distinguish with over 96% accuracy. Vispera offers much faster, therefore applicable and much more economical solutions compared to the reporting period of manual applications that can reach 1 month.