Crowdsourcing is the collection of necessary ideas, services, and different marketing materials by examining and following certain digital or physical formations. This enables companies doing retail business to do better in a short time by using time efficiently. In this blog, we’ll dive deeper into crowdsourcing in retail, its pros and cons, and how to adopt the model.

What is Crowdsourcing in Grocery Retail, and How Does It Work?

With the emergence of new markets, such as digital transformation and e-commerce, crowdsourcing became popular after 2006. Today, crowdsourcing is widely used in retail and has become a supporter of the manufacturer in many areas, mainly field studies and sales successes. However, it becomes more work for a manufacturer to take appropriate steps when it is necessary to stream data correctly from both wholesalers or distributors, sales agents, stores, etc. People need help with companies that deliver to work areas. Accordingly, the sales rate of companies comes to a standstill due to insufficient stock or delayed goods. Personnel errors, tools, or incorrect data used may cause this situation.

Necessary audits should be made for major companies in crowdsourcing. Many parameters are taken into account when making these inspections; photographing and collecting data are among these. Crowdsourcing examples also support the parameters. For example, in your retail crowdsourcing stores or workplaces, it provides many options for people in terms of both order and attractiveness but also plays an important role in increasing sales rates.

By utilizing visual intelligence and analytics, Vispera lets retailers and CPGs further enhance the customer experience. The use of actionable insights allows retailers to understand customer preferences and buying patterns as well as identify trends in the types of products customers prefer. This information can then be used to tailor product offerings and marketing strategies to meet customer needs better.

Promotion and Display Support

Promotions designed to stand out against competitors provide clarity and a more streamlined execution for your business. Many well-known brands make such arrangements, and when supported by research and data, promotions can turn into the best marketing campaigns for new products.

Product Introduction

Product promotion, or product launch, in other words, plays a vital role in making your business more successful and more widespread than competitors. However, while following this path, it is vital to make the necessary inspections before the promotion and to arrange the timing well to improve the promotion.

Proper Configuration of Store and Equipment

Another significant difference is the appropriate equipment and a suitable configuration. Crowdsourcing has been a great method in this area as well. It provides support in the placement of products and the arrangement of shelves.

Pros & Cons of Crowdsourcing in Grocery Retail

As in any business, there are certain advantages and disadvantages to crowdsourcing. These are;

Pros of Crowdsourcing

Retail crowdsourcing collects the data of customers and potential customers for companies, firms, and stores, allowing necessary analysis to be made. Retailers also play an effective role in the collection of live data. Crowdsourcing, known as a fast and effective method, has multiple advantages.

1. Cost-Effectiveness

Crowdsourcing is among the most effective supporters preferred by business owners for this purpose. This is because crowdsourcing resources can solve the projects and problems of business owners with a single payment channel. Therefore, it provides the opportunity for business owners to run their businesses without the need for a new workforce. Ultimately, it creates a perfect setting to jump-start a business and scales it quickly.

2. Hands-off Approach

While conducting R&D work in companies, the management team must constantly monitor the work. Successful completion of a project or job on time requires both time and hard work. Exactly at this point, the management team can reveal the problem and leave the rest to the crowdsourcing team.

Cons of Crowdsourcing

Although crowdsourcing has extremely beneficial advantages, it also has disadvantages, like any business. Paying attention to these issues may help business owners overcome some disadvantages.

1. Confidentiality

As predicted, crowdsourcing has no privacy implications. Even though anyone who owns a business may be concerned about their company's private information being shared. In order to prevent this, the best precaution to be taken is signing a confidentiality agreement with the Crowdsourcing company.

2. Plagiarism

Crowdsourcing might have positive and negative impacts on plagiarism in retail. While it can provide companies with access to a wide range of creative ideas and help them innovate, it also introduces new challenges in protecting intellectual property.

Additionally, crowdsourcing platforms often have measures in place to protect intellectual property. For example, they may require participants to agree to certain terms and conditions that outline the rights and responsibilities of both the company and the contributor. These terms may include provisions that protect against plagiarism, such as requiring contributors to certify that their submissions are original and do not infringe on any existing intellectual property rights. 

3. Data Privacy

As businesses increasingly rely on crowdsourcing to better understand customer preferences and market trends, it is essential to protect the data collected. This includes not only customer data, such as personal information, but also the data shared by the providers and retailers involved. Data security is a top priority for businesses and customers alike, as it ensures that customer data is only used for legitimate purposes, which detailed contracts can assure. Furthermore, data protection helps to ensure that no sensitive information is shared with any third parties, ensuring that customers and retailers remain anonymous.

Thankfully, Vispera turns things around and creates a safe environment for everyone in grocery retail by solving confidentiality and other issues in Crowdsourcing altogether.

What Are the Best Practices of Crowdsourcing?

As mentioned above, the use of crowdsourcing has many benefits. Some of these may be more difficult or easier to implement than others. Vispera offers the best technology to support the operational process of field teams in retail; the list can be as follows.

Crowdsourcing alone is not completely effective anymore and requires a digital touch such as image recognition technology. With the AI-based image recognition technology, we offer both companies and crowdsourcing teams a more efficient and improved performance and help them step up in the challenging competition and competitive environment. In short, we put technology into retail crowdsourcing to make you reap the benefits of the model as better as you can.

●      Team Performance Tracking

●      Shelf Price Tracking

●      Promotions and Launch Tracking

●      Competitive Intelligence

●      Space Planning and Category Management

●      Digital In-store Execution Monitoring


The Use of Crowdsourcing in The Grocery Retail Industry

Retailers and CPGs may have some problems optimizing their businesses and creating a successful business. Since crowdsourcing collects data from the stores live, it has a significant role in the employer's maximum efficiency and the organization of field studies. As an innovative and creative crowdsourcing, Vispera is used worldwide as one of the most important tools for shelf surveillance and system management. Vispera provides excellent support to store management by collecting fast and clear data for stores instantly and analyzing them with artificial intelligence support. Thanks to the shelf management solutions it provides, Vispera leads the creation of workflows in a smooth, complete, and practical way.

In summary, crowdsourcing is a result-oriented working method, but its conventional methods are not very suitable for today. That’s why strengthening retail crowdsourcing methods with visual intelligence technology is essential. With Vispera, retailers and CPGs can ensure they will have a more accurate, transparent, and efficient crowdsourcing game and reduce labor costs.