Grocery Retailers and CPG companies need to operate perfect stores to ensure no sales is lost due to product unavailability and to capture further sales opportunities by enabling a varied selection of products and promotions. Furthermore, in the current market conditions, they need to do this cost-efficiently without causing employee turnover due to exhaustion.  

The holy grail in retail merchandising is shopper satisfaction, which is directly related to the timely completion of the following three Perfect Store imperatives:

(1)   Minimize out-of-stock,

(2)   Maximize visibility,

(3)   Ensure compliance. 

Missing products mean lost sales and it’s not sufficient to have them in the store, you have to make sure they are brought to the shelf at all times. Your visibility, that is your everywhere-consistent brand-level shelf share means additional sales opportunity, which is too important to disregard. Shelf and promotion compliance is key so that your trade marketing efforts pay off in terms of further sales. Who will be guaranteeing these imperatives? The answer is clear: Your Field Team and their supervisors monitored and assessed as frequently as. Everyone knows what gets measured gets controlled, but not everyone knows how. Visual intelligence powered by further data analytics is the answer.

Do you think your field managers can control the performance of their team in the best possible way? If your answer is no, then you should be using field team performance tracking systems to monitor retail execution activities pertaining to Perfect Store imperatives: minimum out-of-stock, maximum visibility, perfect compliance. With such systems exclusively based on AI-based visual analysis of shelves and displays, you can assess your field employees via accurate and timely scorecards measuring the quality of retail execution. 

These scorecards, when evaluated progressively and followed by timely actions, ensure a perfectly implemented trade marketing strategy for your brand. Furthermore, you can leverage the data produced to shape and redirect your strategy as needed. Vispera solutions can help you evaluate sales and in-store performance jointly; with that, they contribute to your endeavor in creating the ultimate shopper experience in the store. You can evaluate your field data on SKUs and stores across time, and you can make sure that your teams are progressing and on track. Your field team can cover any display equipment type at any store format in minutes with our fast and intuitive data collection mobile application.

With Vispera solutions, Retailers and CPG companies can significantly improve their operations by simply implementing fair and timely controls on their field execution teams and enjoy increased shopper satisfaction, hence increasing revenue and profitability while keeping human labor requirements as low as possible. 

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