Vispera - Image Recognition Solutions for Retail

In Vispera, we have a vision to make image recognition a commodity service for the whole retail sector

After entertaining several ideas in the retail space, we discovered that many problems in retail execution measurement are visual and fall under the purview of our academic and professional know-how. It was then natural to start with our current value proposition, helping our FMCG and retailer clients execute perfect stores with our image recognition services.

We founded Vispera in 2014 with a core team of five who have been working together since 2010.
Now we are around eighty professionals from all walks of technology and business. Equipped with a strong team spirit, an innate joy of work and an excellent team composition, we are realizing our dream of building a great company day by day.

Our goal is to make our image recognition-based data analytics services and platforms become power tools for retailer and supplier companies worldwide.
We are maturing our technology so that any kind of picture in the retail world can be understood automatically, and that we can build innovative business models to flexibly serve the whole retail sector.

For us, a great company means a design-driven innovative organization with a strong sense of collaboration where everything starts with a team who wants to solve real business problems.