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Over-the-counter trade in Turkey pharmacy channel has grown considerably over the last five years. This growth steepened the competition for store space in the pharmacy between suppliers. As a result, companies active in the pharmacy channel are looking for ways to improve retail execution to gain a competitive edge.

Reckitt Benckiser Vision Pharmacy program aims at providing the best customer experience in terms of product availability and visibility. Since Reckitt Benckiser’s entry in the pharmacy channel in 2013, Vision Pharmacy program was being tracked, primarily via reports declared by the field team. According to trade marketing manager Efekan Güven, “It was a burden for the field team to gather data and report manually and we were not able to feel confident about the declared results.”

In 2019, Reckitt Benckiser started working with Vispera to integrate an effective solution for tracking its Vision Pharmacy program. “Following the meeting with Vispera team, we were convinced that we would be able to effectively track our Vision Pharmacy program using Vispera’s StoreSense solution. Low reliability of previous claim-based data makes us forget tracking the time before Vispera partnership. We marked May 2019 as the birthday of Vision Pharmacy tracking in our company’s history” Efekan comments.

Since May 2019, Reckitt Benckiser is using Vispera’s Storesense. After a short setup and training phase Vispera started to provide actionable insights from the field.
Results achieved by Reckitt Benckiser are dazzling:




Reckitt Benckiser observed significant improvements between May 2019 and the Q3 of 2019, based on the measurements that started with Vispera’s Storesense.





According to Efekan, after a brief adoption period for the field team, Vispera Storesense got widely accepted on the basis that it provides an objective assessment of the store: “We noticed that our field team was able to internalize the Vision Pharmacy KPI’s as they receive continuous feedback based on objective evaluation. The field team is able to integrate the required applications within their daily work routine.”





It is also critical for Reckitt Benckiser to be able to track point-of-sale materials (POSM) and their effect: “We were able to effectively track and report the use of 2.000 Strepsils stands and see the effect of the stands in October 2019. We are sure that our spending on the stands did not go to waste, which in turn has a positive effect on the 2020 budget.”

Efekan confidently concludes “We are happy that we can finally rely on the data collected from the pharmacies. Thanks to Vispera’s actionable insights, we are continuously improving our results in the Vision Pharmacy program.”





Insufficient coverage
15 day delayed report
Declaration-based measurement
Manual data entry
Inconsistent data
Cumbersome reporting
Late and outdated results
Complete coverage
Same day report 
Evidence-based measurement
Automatic data generation
Data consistency
Easy reporting
On-time and actionable results