Reckitt Benckiser was aiming to provide the best customer experience in terms of product availability and visibility while running the Vision Pharmacy Program. Because of the non-confidence about the declared results that are seen by manual processes their field team got through while gathering data and reports, RB decided to integrate Vispera Storesense for tracking the whole program including point-of-sale materials.



Reckitt Benckiser was able to effectively track and report the use of 2.000 Strepsils stands and see the effect of the stands in October 2019. They are sure that our spending on the stands did not go to waste, which in turn has a positive effect on the 2020 budget.







Download this case study to learn more about how Vispera helped Reckitt Benckiser to continuously improve their results in Vision Pharmacy Program!



"Following the meeting with the Vispera team, we were convinced that we would be able to effectively track our Vision Pharmacy program using Vispera’s Storesense solution. Low reliability of previous claim-based data makes us forget tracking the time before the Vispera partnership. We marked May 2019 as the birthday of Vision Pharmacy tracking in our company’s history."

Efekan Güven, 
Trade Marketing Manager

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