Vispera - Image Recognition Solutions for Retail


Founded in 1991, RT Intelligence provides strategic management of trade marketing and market intelligence solutions for business management with a focus on brand development and efficiency in results. Having a predominant performance in the Northeast and North regions of Brazil, they operate with the modalities of Shared and Exclusive Merchandising. Directors of RT Intelligence led the company towards innovation and technology. The company doubled from 2015 to 2019 by digitizing trade marketing for strategic operation and management. However, RT Intelligence team wanted to go further on that vision and make wise investments to reach success. So, they focused on their challenges.



Their execution model was based on their large team of sales promoters who periodically track, monitor, and replenish the retail displays. However, manual reporting of SKU counts, facing and shelf shares as well as the planogram compliance were challenging due time management issues and human errors. Romero states “Before Vispera, the operational process was challenging. We were asking our sales promoters to take a picture every time they completed a task for a client. Imagine receiving 2000 images daily for auditing and not being able to adjust even 10%. ”In this case, RT’s experience had made them sure of one thing, that an all-in-one solution was a necessity. They started to look for an innovative solution to track the performance of their retail execution.



According to the RT Intelligence team, they finally have a solution to improve retail execution to gain a competitive edge as our services are tuned with the future of our segment. We did a contest with our sales team to increase the OSA, and it did increase from 58.9% to 67.7% which was reflected as 12,65% in sales improvement

RT Intelligence also observed significant improvements in our joint project for the biggest coconut producer in Brazil. Romero reflects on the topic saying “We achieved a 600% increase in unit sales of a specific SKU that wasn’t one of the focused SKUs of the company and realized that we were losing by no-show.” 



After running the project which has resulted in an increase in the stock availability and a decrease in time spent on the field compared to manual reporting, RT realized that it was also something that they could use to help their clients achieve success. After signing up to the Vispera Partner Program, RT Intelligence was very satisfied with the results.


"After getting to know the talented team behind this complex visual analytics and artificial intelligence technology, we decided to start a pilot at the beginning of 2018 and since then, our partnership with Vispera only grew."

Romero Teixeira, Executive Director of RT


The partnership program with RT Intelligence aims at providing the best customer experience in terms of product availability and visibility. Romero states his experiences with Vispera saying  “What we love the most about Vispera is that our clients are very impressed with the tool, some of them look like kids that just met a wizard. They are so impressed, the same way we did the first time we started using Vispera, it was like magic.”




Vispera is aware of the increasing importance of consumer packed goods and their availability in the stores during this crisis. In this case, Vispera helped RT Intelligence and their clients to ensure the availability of essentials’ in the stores and on the shelves. Vispera’s mission was to ensure that the field team spends less time and effort on replenishing or ordering processes during their visits. Romero explains the importance of using Vispera Storesense for field execution and campaign monitoring as follows:


"Vispera helped us by showing the out-of-stock items at the same time by reducing the sales promoters’ exposure durations in the stores. Today our field operation team doesn’t have to fill giant reports that take half an hour in the store, which is risky because of the pandemic. Tasks that took 30 minutes before are now taking 3 minutes thanks to Vispera." 

Romero Teixeira, Executive Director of RT




"What we love the most about Vispera is that our clients are very impressed with the tool, some of them look like kids that just met a wizard. They are so impressed, the same way we did the first time we started using Vispera, it was like magic.." 

Romero Teixeira
Executive Director of RT