Vispera - Image Recognition Solutions for Retail

As one of the most innovative companies in Turkey, Şölen kicked off initiatives in its 30-year history with the aim of being a global player in the world.                               

In the international market, they gained significant success with many of their brands such as Biscolata, Ozmo, Milango, Boombastic, Luppo, Lokkum and Nutymax. They export more than 200 products in snacks, children's products, gifts and treats categories to approximately 120 countries ranging  from the US to Belgium and the Maldives.

Şölen’s approach is to invest in digital transformation solutions and partnerships in order to increase the efficiency of the field personnel in such a large and complex operational structure. That is how their paths crossed with Vispera!



Field team support for perfect execution was a difficult operation to carry with the internal sources of Şölen. There was a high number of Sales Representatives in various channels for tracking, monitoring, and replenishing the displays periodically. Additionally, manual reporting became a headache causing undesirable results regarding time management and human errors.  

In this case, their initial move was to find a solution to measure shelf shares accurately and to ensure planogram compliance. Their next step was to determine exact KPIs for company development.

After getting the satisfying results of shelf share and planogram compliance with Vispera Storesense, they decided to go on with this valuable business partnership.  

According to İlker Mete, the Business Development and Commercial Marketing Manager at Şölen, the most convincing part of Vispera was the quality of service and the project plan, which were in compliance with Şölen’s goals at each stage. 



Şölen’s field teams used Vispera’s Blue Shark application for data collection and  image recognition capability improved considerably throughout the project.



Within the 6 months, these significant improvements have been observed with Vispera Storesense; 




"In Şölen, we very much value supporting and enabling our sales teams on the field with pioneer tools. We have decided to work with Vispera in order to obtain a baseline of our shelf metrics and to convert them into key performance indicators to have a sustainable field execution."

İlker Mete Business Development and Trade Marketing Manager