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As an FMCG executive in sales, channel/account management, or in trade marketing, you have a dual challenge. On the one hand, you need to manage your relationships with retailers; on the other, you need to lead your field team composed of hundreds of merch agents across different channels. As a manager, your most powerful tools are measurement and auditing. What gets measured gets managed.

There is a faster and more accurate image recognition-based alternative to the traditional measurement and auditing methodologies that serves perfectly in today’s volatile business environment.

No matter how carefully taken, the accuracy and timeliness of your decisions are the real determinants of their value. In other words, there are no good decisions that can justify the erroneous implications caused by the wrong data. VIRS provide the perfect products for delivering the speed and accuracy you need when it comes to auditing your stores and managing your teams.

The speed, accuracy, and picture-based evidential objectivity of VIRS products also offer self-auditing, a totally new working system. Our products enable your teams to self-audit as soon as they complete their tasks at the store. Self-auditing has been proven to be a motivating approach for merch teams, ensuring self-accountability and encouraging professional growth in the merchandiser mindset.

In any event, it is always possible to concurrently proceed with self-auditing and third-party auditing systems, both powered by Vispera Image Recognition Services, in order to benefit from the higher accuracy of a dual system and the advantages of both worlds.

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Audit Your Planogram Compliance
With Vispera Image Recognition Service