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As the result of highly competitive reality of the retail business, the merchandisers are the heroes of your company in the field. Every single day, they make sure your products are available in the stores, your shelves are organized the way you want and your trade marketing visuals and your promotions are applied appropriately. Being a merchandiser is tough, but your job as an executive is even more difficult. As the core enabler of your team, their challenge is a deeper challenge for you.

Providing customer friendly solutions to this challenge is one of our main concerns at Vispera. You can use VIRS products for the shelf, the cabinet, or the hotzone as power tools for your merch teams. By means of a few pictures taken at the store, we provide you and your merch teams with to-do-lists for improving your in-store appearance as well as insights on their team performance. And all this happens while they are still right at the store.

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