With the cooperation of Vispera and Gravis, FMCG brands will collect data from all sales points! Vispera, which delivers the technologies it has developed in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning to 24 countries, and Gravis, which offers crowdsourcing services to brands, have joined their forces. The two companies will solve the need to collect complete and accurate data from the sales points of FMCG brands in Turkey.

Offering computer vision technologies as retail intelligence solutions to the FMCG and retail players in 24 countries, Vispera collaborates with Gravis, which provides analysis solutions to FMCG suppliers with a crowd. As part of this collaboration, the two companies will offer retail auditing and field execution solutions powered by crowdsourcing for FMCG suppliers in Turkey.

Using its mobile workforce, Gravis will collect data from all points, including discounters and distributors, for brands with difficulties collecting data with their field teams in Turkey. The location-based and photo-proven data collected by the teams will be processed by Vispera's artificial intelligence-assisted computer vision technologies. Thus, brands will be presented with comprehensive analyzes of the shelf and store. After the analysis, Vispera will process the raw data to deliver detailed reports and actionable insights to the brands. FMCG suppliers will also optimize their in-store execution, monitoring, and auditing processes with the right actions.

In this way, the problem of not being able to collect data from the sales points of the brands, as in the restriction periods experienced during the COVID-19 process, will be over. Image recognition-based retail execution and auditing solutions, which are much faster, accurate, and cost-effective than traditional methods, will also accelerate the digital transformation journeys of brands.

Vispera Co-CEO and C-Founder Ceyhun Burak Akgül said: “It is imperative to obtain a regular and comprehensive data flow sustainably to maximize the benefit that brands derive from the superior technologies we have developed. Brands that want to use Vispera technologies in their retail journey but do not have a comprehensive field team will be able to fill this gap easily and use Vispera's technologies in the most efficient way by utilizing the crowdsourcing of Gravis, one of the European leaders in their field. Through our partnership, brands will reach all the points they need to visit and increase the coverage rate to 100 percent. In this way, we aim to increase in-store sales by 12 to 15 percent.”

Gravis Turkey Managing Partner Cankut Ayvazoğlu said: “As Gravis, we can fulfill the instant research requests of the marketing teams without requiring any installation, and we do special market research for brands. In addition to our team of 400 people who are capable of executing merchandising activities in Turkey, we benefit from the power of the crowd. Our crowd team, which is trained and experienced in market research, collects data from any point of sale at any time. Thanks to our partnership with Vispera, we are advancing our services with image recognition technologies. Following the research carried out by our teams, Vispera analyzes the collected data in-depth and provides actionable reports. At the same time, thanks to this integration, we can analyze the extent to which the field marketing tasks of the brands are realized. We offer a significant benefit to FMCG suppliers in today's retail world where shelf visibility is paramount.”

About Vispera:

Vispera is a technology company established with the aim of perfecting in-store execution, monitoring and auditing processes in the retail industry. Thanks to the image recognition/machine learning technology it has developed, Vispera offers retail execution and tracking solutions that are much faster, accurate and cost-effective than traditional human-based and error-prone methods currently used in the industry.

Vispera was founded by Prof. Dr. Aytül Erçil and Dr. Ceyhun Burak Akgül in 2014. Thanks to the Image Recognition Services it has developed, the company recognizes the products on the shelf with their positions and quantities, based on the shelf images taken in the store. In this way, Vispera provides detailed and actionable reports at the SKU level by checking product availability on the shelf, the number of facings, shelf share compared to competitors, planogram and price compliance, and much more. This service can recognize every product that the human eye can distinguish with an accuracy of over 96%. Vispera offers much faster, therefore applicable, and much more cost-effective solutions, despite the reporting period of manual applications that can reach one month.