Vispera, the top leading AI-backed computer vision and analytics solutions provider for grocery retail, moves to a new organizational structure and implements the Co-CEO model to drive company's growth strategy and vision. Vispera, which announced the establishment of a BV office in the Netherlands to strengthen its footprint in Europe and expand its business at the end of 2020, has recently founded a new office in Spain and adds momentum to its growth plans with its new organizational structure.

Developing technologies and retail intelligence solutions in the field of computer vision and machine learning to top-tier CPG brands and retailers in 22 countries, Vispera switched to a coordinated management model and announced Aytül Erçil and Ceyhun Burak Akgül as co-CEOs. Moving rapidly and successfully towards becoming a global company, Vispera adds synergy and motivation to the company by moving to this new management model.

Expansion, developing financing and investment resources that will support this initiative will play an essential role in the growth agenda of Vispera. On the other hand, the current business development, sales and marketing, operations and product development agendas are increasingly continuing. Under these circumstances, the two founders, Aytül Erçil and Ceyhun Burak Akgül decided to officially shift the principle of coordinated management, which they carried out independently of their positions, to a new model.

Aytül Erçil, who has transferred her experience as a co-founder and CEO for 7 years to Vispera and has been shown amongst the "Most Successful Business Women" by Fortune many times, will continue her role as a co-CEO in Vispera's journey from now on. Mrs. Erçil will play a vital role in the growth of Vispera by focusing on international expansion and investment themes.

The other founding partner of Vispera is Ceyhun Burak Akgül, another visionary leader who has successfully carried out his duties as a COO and CTO for 7 years and will also be appointed as Co-CEO and COO. Mr. Akgül's next role will be to increase the current business potential, the evolution of the organization, developing sales and product strategy areas.

Vispera's co-founders and co-CEOs are also key architects of the company's success since 2014. These two names, who have managed to make Vispera one of the leading providers that develop image recognition and analytics services for the retail industry, lead more than 100 professionals from all walks of technology and business. In the upcoming bright future of Vispera, the focus on R&D and business innovation will continue to increase exponentially.

The thoughts of Vispera's co-CEOs, who assessed the subject, are as follows;

Vispera Co-CEO Aytül Erçil: “Our artificial intelligence products, which we have developed in parallel with our organizational structuring and growth agenda, increase the interest we see all over the world. We believe that we will find opportunities that will enable us to be more effective and more visible in 2021 by drawing strength from this interest. We will take advantage of these opportunities and take one step closer to our goal of becoming a global technology company."

Vispera Co-CEO Ceyhun Burak Akgül: “Vispera is an institution that evolves its organization organically, so moves are always possible according to changing needs and circumstances. However, we do not anticipate any other radical changes in the near future (in 2021)."

43 out of 112 employees of Vispera, who pays attention to the principle of diversity and participation, are women. The proportion of women in the gender distribution in executive, director, and senior positions is 30 percent.

Facing increasing interest worldwide with its artificial intelligence-backed retail intelligence solutions, Vispera is rapidly approaching its goal of becoming a global technology company.

About Vispera:

Vispera offers image recognition-based retail execution and tracking services to grocery retailers and CPG suppliers in 22 countries so that they can radically change the way of running and monitoring their field operations. Vispera focuses on solving the problems of the retail market and develops sophisticated computer vision technologies to fulfill their execution and tracking needs by eliminating the manual processes. With AI-based retail intelligence solutions, Vispera transforms retail images from all channels of grocery retail into actionable data, insights, and on-the-spot call to actions.

Vispera allows grocery retail to have full control over their in-store activities at any time and to offer a superior execution while delighting the shoppers. Vispera provides analytics services and aggregates rich sets of key performance indicators at SKU-level granularity to better deliver retail strategies with data-driven decisions and increase sales rapidly. Grocery retail players can drive perfect stores and gain visibility of stock levels, the share of shelf, competitive insights, promotional launches, and so more with Vispera's breakthrough services.