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Our partnership program leverages the technology to collaborate and provide solutions that enable our customers to deliver their field execution and products through perfect stores! We believe creating a joint value leads to strong, transparent, and trustworthy relationships when delivering services to end customers.

Explore our partnership programs and let's start providing integrated solutions together.

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5 Good Reasons for Being a Vispera Partner

  • Digitize your services
  • Expand your field coverage
  • Provide fully integrated solutions
  • Obtain field optimization
  • Showcase your value through accurate data

Our Partnership Ecosystem


Vispera delivers products and services in collaboration and integration with complementary technology solutions of several companies. The opportunity and value of these collaborations are to implement state of the art technologies that provide a competitive edge through end-to-end solutions for client needs.


Influencer ecosystem is composed of our partners from consulting and market search field with valuable expertise as well as business solution providers serving our client profile, who could address their requirements and utilize our technology solution.


Our reseller partners are value added resellers of Vispera products. They are the partners already delivering solutions to retailers or FMCG Brands, and there is a joint value proposition for our end clients.

Partner Tiers


Partner Benefits

Sales Enablement

Sales deck of Vispera products that can be provided as self-serve, virtual or in-person training of agreed FTE and accompanied by a certification of the particular FTE.

Customer Success Enablement

Customer success deck of Vispera products that can be provided as self-serve, virtual or in-person training of agreed FTE and accompanied by a certification of the particular FTE.

Marketing Development Funds

Rights to market Vispera products through a set of strategic activities in line with a joint business plan to generate lead, develop business, increase brand awareness or retain current customers.

Joint Business Plan

Joint business plan in line with go to market plan covering the business review, trainings & certifications as well as pipeline, sales and marketing investment. It is subject to review of both parties on quarterly basis.


Entitlement to a range of discount benefits for Vispera products varying on the choice of program.

Partnership Process


Why Our Partners Choose Us

After getting to know the talented team behind this complex visual analytics and artificial intelligence technology, we decided to start a pilot at the begining of 2018 and since then our partnership with Vispera only grew.

Romero Teixeira, Executive Director of RT

There was an agile mindset in terms of getting the things done! Our relation has been transparent from day one, so we had no concerns about honesty. In business, I think this is the most important part. We were looking for a full scope partnership, and Vispera enabled us to build something together.

Bartosz Nowak, Director of Sales Support, Interkadra

Vispera Partners