Vispera - Image Recognition Solutions for Retail

Vispera Shelf and Cooler Service

Shelf Sections, Coolers, Promotional Display Areas

Vispera Shelf & Cooler Service operates on structured display equipments such as regular shelf sections, coolers, promotional displays in both modern and traditional trade.
By means of a few pictures taken by a mobile device capturing the whole breadth of the equipment, VSCS delivers the following data and KPIs:
  • Must-have SKU availability
  • Product facings and positions
  • Stock availability KPIs with respect to multiple reference lists
  • Share of shelf by SKU, by brand, and by firm based on facing counts and/or meterage
  • Competition KPI
  • Planogram compliance KPI (scoring with respect to reference planogram and/or custom rules checking)
  • Promotional and branding material visibility, compliance and equipment conditions KPIs
  • Price tag availability and readings, and related KPIs

Can Be Used As

  • Productivity Tool
  • Auditing Tool
  • Perfect Store Solution Support

Mobile and Web Reports

Available within minutes or 24 hours after data submission depending on the use case

Accuracy Options

From at least 93% to +99% are available