Hosted by our CCO Gökhan Arıksoy, the re:retail YouTube series welcomes CEOs and top executives from various companies and focuses on latest retail technologies and trends.

We left 12 episodes behind in re:retail. We hosted 12 CEOs in these 12 weeks. We talked with our guests about the trends in food, e-commerce, technology, fast moving consumption, retail supply chain, inventory management, artificial intelligence, machine vision, remote work, and digital transformation. You can subscribe to Vispera YouTube channel and turn on the notifications to access all the episodes hosted by Vispera CCO Gökhan Arıksoy and get notified on the new episodes instantly.

In the first episode of the re:retail program, where we evaluate the transformation in the fast-moving consumer goods and retail industry, we discussed the transformation in the fast-moving consumer goods and retail industry with our CEO Aytul Ercil.

  • ·      What lasting effects will the consumer habits changing with COVID-19 have in the retail sector?
  • ·      What changes can occur in the purchasing processes of companies working in this industry?
  • ·      How will in-store automation and fixed camera solutions affect our lives?

Aytul Ercil: “As retailers increasingly implement initiatives like BOPIS (buy online, pick-up in store) into their omnichannel retail strategy, digitization of stores and the supply chain is no longer optional. At Vispera, with our image processing / machine learning technology, we enable retailers and FMCG companies to make data-driven decisions and help them meet new shopper expectations.