The research results of the 250 companies with the highest R&D expenditures in Turkey have been revealed. Economy and Business Portal Turkishtime, reveals “Turkey R&D Research” where 500 companies participating in the research increased their R&D expenditure to 16 billion 995 million TL. Despite the decline in the graph of the Turkish economy in 2020, which was a year in the shadow of the pandemic, the 500 companies in the research showed a stronger performance in R&D compared to 2019.

Vispera kept its place on the list this year as it did in 2019. Vispera, one of the 22 technology companies on the list, ranked 246th with 6 R&D projects and 6 million 900 thousand TL of R&D expenditure. According to this research, the planned R&D expenditure of Vispera in 2021 is 9 million 300 thousand TL. You can reach the report here