A Turkish technology company Vispera will continue to strive to become a company expanded across the globe in 2021. A newly founded subsidiary in the Netherlands as Vispera BV is a crucial step in completing this process.

Offering its technologies in machine vision and learning to FMCG and retail sectors in 18 countries, Vispera is moving forward non-stop as 2020 comes to an end. After signing new projects with recent clients in Turkey, India, Romania, UAE, Brazil, Germany, and Poland and establishing Vispera BV in the Netherlands, Vispera will continue the journey of becoming a global technology company in 2021.

With 2020 coming to an end, Vispera designed two potential products specifically for smart IoT and e-commerce fields to adapt to the changing market landscape. The company is adopting a vision in 2021 to make sure these prototypes match industry-standards and finalize the launch.

Having spent 2020 as the year of organizational growth and restructuring, Vispera increased its employment during the pandemic by 30% and rebuilt its structure within the company. Vispera is getting ready for 2021, with approximately 100 employees working in various departments and units.

Aytül Erçil: "Trials of our new product will commence in the USA"

Stating that there was no cancellation despite some projects being stopped due to the pandemic in 2020, Vispera's Founding Partner and CEO Aytül Erçil commented: "2020 was a successful year in which we were selected for Microsoft's Scaleup and Intel's Market Ready Solutions programs. This year, we also developed our strategic partnerships with companies such as NVIDIA, Zebra, Atos SE.

Storesense, one of our products, is currently being used in 18 countries. Shelfsight is presently at the trial stage in stores in Germany and Chile. In Q1 2021, trials will begin in the United States. The pilot of our new product, Vispera Core, was successfully completed in 2020, and it will use it in the field in 2021."

Ceyhun Burak Akgül: "We will be one step closer to becoming a global technology company"

Vispera's Founding Partner and COO Ceyhun Burak Akgül stated that they see the challenging conditions created by the 2020 global pandemic as an opportunity to learn, adapt, and develop.

Akgül also said, "When the pandemic spread all over the world and therefore in our country, we reacted immediately and ensured that all our systems continue to work uninterruptedly and the conditions where all our personnel can work remotely at the same efficiency.

The pandemic also helped us speed up our product vision. In parallel with the new product developments, we will continue to implement our plans to improve the functionality and performance of our products Storesense, Shelfsight, and Core in 2021.

We will continue our organizational structuring and growth agenda next year. The AI products we have developed and our goals increase the attention Vispera is getting worldwide. In this sense, we anticipate that we will find opportunities to make Vispera more effective and visible in 2021.

"We will take advantage of these opportunities and take one step closer to Vispera's goal of becoming a global technology company."