Vispera participated in Intel’s booth at MWC'19 this week between February 25-28. At this year’s MWC, Intel showcased examples regarding how 5G will transform industries. Sandra Rivera, SVP and GM, Network Platforms Group at Intel Corporation, announced Intel's apperance at MWC at her talk on the Engadget* stage at CES 2019 saying "We’ll demonstrate how 5G in a manufacturing setting will enable safer, more flexible and more efficient production by applying machine-to-machine connectivity, transformed networks, computer vision, edge computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities to real-world applications. We’ll also be showing how 5G and edge compute will reinvent the retail landscape. 5G’s gigabit speeds and edge computing augmented by new computer vision and AI technologies will give retailers the capability to operate in virtually any location without the expense of a wired infrastructure." Mentioning Vispera's participation on the Intel booth, she added "Intel partner Vispera will also be demonstrating its visual intelligence technology on the Intel booth. Vispera uses image recognition technology to help retailers improve the in-store experience, such as ensuring that shelves are always fully stocked. At MWC, Vispera will show how its end-to-end edge architecture is scalable and flexible." 



Please find more about Intel's showcase at MWC at Alex Gledhill's (Global Account Director at Vodafone) article "Intel will showcase the transformative power of 5G at MWC 2019."