Vispera attended the 5th TRAI meet-up, which was organized by Turkey Artificial Intelligence Initiative and held on December 27th, 2017 at İstanbul Technical University. As one of the invited speakers, Vispera Chief Scientist, Erdem Yörük, Ph.D. gave a talk on “Retail and Artificial Intelligence”, where he laid out the emerging role of machine learning and computer vision in retail, being among the top ten industries targeted by artificial intelligence; and presented Vispera’s image recognition solutions to common retail intelligence problems including product recognition, shelf monitoring, stock-out detection and planogram compliance. He discussed Vispera’s algorithmic innovations for retail scene understanding ranging from conventional to state-of-the-art deep learning methods, and how this cutting-edge technology has been successfully transferred to the retail sector with concrete benefits, received patents, awards, investments and ongoing global partnerships. Erdem Yörük also introduced Vispera’s other original and developing services including cabinet scoring, price-tag reading and an on-premise/fixed camera system for real time stock-out detection.